You’re interested in starting your own event planning business and you’ve decided to start looking into a training program. There are several on the market to choose from so how do you decide which one is the best for you. Or perhaps, you’ve taken event planning classes in school and feel confident that you have mastered the lessons and technical information required to plan an event. But what do you do with all that information now? How do you take everything you’ve learned and turn it into an actual business with paying jobs?

This is where the Event Heroes stands out from other event planner learning systems. The Event Heroes coaching system was developed by Tracy Fuller-White, owner of InnovativEvents a successful 7-figure event planning business based in the mid-west as a way to help budding entrepreneurs move from conceptualization to actualization.

With over 30 years in the business, and years of training and mentoring interns and students, Tracy and her staff at Event Heroes have developed a program that takes the traditional training program a degree further by providing step-by-step directions beginning with taking the first phone call from a potential client all the way through producing an event. And it doesn’t stop there! As part of the Event Hero program we also focus on customer service and retention. And we’ll discuss the importance of following up with your client several months to a year after their event is over.

“We’ve added extra features to the Event Heroes program to make it a complete coaching package for those interested in becoming an event planner and starting their own business.” says Fuller-White.

So, what do you get when you enroll in Event Heroes? Not only do you get full step-by-step coaching on how to plan an event that will provide the WOW! factor all event planners hope to achieve but we also include a full library of downloadable, supporting documents you will use to create your own personalized event planning guidebook.

In addition to the lessons and the library of specialized forms, worksheets and templates we also provide our members with access to our invaluable, curated list of Black Book Partners. These industry professionals are fully vetted and trusted vendors who have agreed to support our Event Hero graduates and offer them additional assistance and guidance as they begin their careers.

As every seasoned event planner knows, finding trustworthy partners and vendors is key to producing a successful event. Being able to start your business with an already established team of partners can save hundreds of hours of shopping and comparing and the nerve wracking hit and miss trials most new business owner experience as they grow their company from the ground up.

Event Heroes also includes 20 Do-It-Yourself Theme Packages. These packages feature detailed overviews for creating the atmosphere and step-by-step instructions and checklist for successful themed parties that will impress even the most discerning clients.

And, perhaps the most valuable part of the Event Heroes coaching program is the live support we offer all of our members! One day per week, we host a live webinar available to all active Event Hero members. These in-depth session will provide additional targeted training on special subjects and an open question and answer session. They will also provide a ‘think tank’ venue for Event Heroes to share ideas and learn from others in the industry.

At Event Heroes, your coaching doesn’t stop the minute you finish our course. We are here to support you as you get started in the business, and as you build your client base and your reputation. We believe that learning is a lifelong activity and the more we share with others, the more we learn. Following that philosophy, our webinars will be dynamic in nature. In addition to targeted topics, we will look to our members for input on ways we can further support them as they grow from new business owners to established, reputable Event Hero planners.

Please feel free to reach out to us here with any questions and we look forward to teaching the Event Heroes way!