Does your event have a theme? Well, it most likely does, even though you might say you don’t want or need one. Okay, it may not an obvious theme like a 70’s disco or a Hawaiian luau, but all events have a theme or some underlying message that runs throughout the event.

It might be something much more subtle than an outrageous idea, but every event should have a theme.

Having a theme certainly helps you organize your event and assists in keeping it cohesive. It helps you create the collateral for the event, like signage and invitations that line up with the messaging and helps the attendees better understand what the event is about. It also helps to hire speakers that speak to your messaging.

So how do you choose a theme? Well, consider what is happening in your organization. It might be a new campaign, a new product or what you want your audience to hear. These are things you should base your theme around.

When deciding on a theme, consider what you want the audience to take away. For example, your theme might be ‘The Power of One’ and the speakers might talk about how one person makes a difference in the company, encouraging each and every attendee to stand up and take responsibility to make a difference in the company and rise above what they do in the company.

If ‘The Power of One’ were to be directed to a group of donors, you might have the speaker share how the amount they donate makes a difference in the organization and how it provides benefits to the recipients.

Here are a few things to think about when theming your events:

  • Know that the theme is the first impression that people will encounter when they see event updates and information
  • Make sure all the material is consistent and carries the same message throughout
  • Hire speakers that will communicate your subject matter
  • Make sure you are specific with your event theme
  • Consider who your audience is and make sure you don’t offend anyone in that group
  • Make sure your theme delivers the message you want your attendees to receive

When theming your events, make sure the theme speaks to the audience, that you use the theme throughout the whole event starting with the invites and any online elements and make it follow through.

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