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How to Present Your Event Proposal Professionally

A lot of things happen behind the scenes of an event. Largely the months of planning and preparation that occur for that one night or several days event. When individuals think about becoming an event planner, they often picture themselves enjoying time with the client picking out color swatches or even mingling while the party […]

5 Fears of Starting Your Own Event Planning Business

Starting an event planning business can be intimidating, even scary. You may fear the perceived risks that are involved and question whether you can handle them. However, once we release what fear really means “False Evidence Appearing Real” (by: unknown) we have the opportunity to overcome. Just remember this: “Doubt kills more dreams than failure […]

Centerpieces Have Gone Digital

We live in an age where technology is King. So, does it surprise anyone when events start to take advantage of all the great technology out there!? From digital sponsorships to live streaming, digital centerpieces are becoming increasingly popular. Photo Source: Event Vision The idea of a digital centerpiece has multiple uses and the ability […]

Troubleshooting at a Large Event: Behind the Scenes with Tracy Fuller-White

An Event Hero knows and understands that while setting up for an event, not all things go smoothly. If you are starting out as an event planner and don’t know this, it’s time you come to realize this reality. Events have a LOT of moving pieces and many different people are involved in the production […]

Check Out Almost Famous for an Awesome Musical Experience

Are you searching for an amazing cover band for your next event? If you want a group that can play decades worth of wonderful cover songs, then look no further than Almost Famous, a group playing out of New York. Almost Famous describes their performance as “The Arena Rock Experience that will have you clapping […]

St. Patrick’s Day Food Ideas

Ahh the luck of the Irish! Even if your ancestors don’t hail from Ireland, St. Paddy’s Day is still one of the most loved holidays to celebrate. This year St. Patrick’s Day falls on Friday, March 17th and will bring tons of people out! When thinking about having a St. Patrick’s Day party, don’t forget […]

Beauty and the Beast Theme Party

Beauty and the Beast. It’s a tale as old as time, and a theme that is great for an event! There are many possibilities from wedding theme, a simple tea party or a large sit down or dinner party! When thinking about putting together a Beauty and the Beast theme, food and décor will be […]

How to Stay Sane as a Solopreneur

As a solo entrepreneur (solopreneur) sometimes it’s hard to stay sane. If you are like me, you might find yourself in front of your computer working away and the days just fly by. I sometimes forget to eat lunch and may not see another human or talk on the phone for a full day. I […]

Event Technology Inspired by the Super Bowl

As the biggest sporting event of the year, Super Bowl 51 did not disappoint! It is a great event, for both sports and non-sports fans to watch. It has something for everyone from the game, to the year’s most anticipated advertisements, and the musical guests. After watching the Super Bowl, I was inspired with all […]

8 Steps for Creating a Theme for Your Event

Themes. Every event must have one. An even theme is the primary way you let people know what your event is about. Themes are important to the messaging and critical to the success of your events. Creating an event theme is as important as choosing the right location, hiring the right vendors as your event […]