Event Planners have limited time in their days. Their time can be spent finding new clients, networking, or setting up an event, among many other things. It is a lot to take on, especially in the beginning stages of launching a business. There are certain aspects during event planning that take up more time than others. So we came up with a list of 5 things that take up a lot of time as an event planner and how to overcome those:

1) Proposal writing:

After meeting or speaking with a potential client much of securing your position as an event planner depends on coming up with creative ideas and writing a winning proposal. As a busy event planner, it’s not always easy to find the time to sit down and complete the many revisions and theme creation which includes the first point of contact with the attendees clear, until after they’ve left the event, and everything in between. One easy way to overcome hours of writing and re-writing is to start out with a pre-made theme packet created by the event industry pros at Event Heroes. Having this as a starting point is a huge advantage and takes some of the guesswork out of the proposal writing process.

We’ve got 20 themes ready for you to use! That includes proposal, instructions, and list of items and where to find them!

2) Creating forms and documents:

In addition to writing proposals, event professionals use business contracts, client interview forms, budget worksheets, and more on a daily basis. When you’re just starting out this can be very overwhelming and time consuming. The content alone takes a lot of time and review to get just right and then there’s formatting. Having templates readily available can ease the burden of creating forms and documents and can decrease the time from launching your business to planning your first event. By becoming an Event Hero we have those templates ready made for you to prepare you with on-hand forms for whenever you get a new client!


3) The startup holdup:

Every Event Planner has a starting point, sometimes this is after college or after finding the passion for planning following coordinating events for family and friend. Whenever it is that you make the decision to venture out on your own, the unknowns of starting a business and going through trial and error can be time consuming. When Tracy Fuller-White began her business over thirty years ago, she experienced the bumps of bruises of starting out and has dealt with many of the unexpected hiccups that can occur in the event planning process. Learn from Tracy’s past mistakes and her on-her-feet thinking she’s adopted over the years to problem solve during event perils.

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Don’t let mistakes like ^ happen to you! Plan like a pro faster!

4) Searching for reputable vendors:

A reliable event team is essential to Event Planning. This includes the vendors you hire. And while some are great, others just don’t deliver. No one wants to be in the position of a vendor not living up to expectations, or worse canceling last minute. It can take many events to find the right vendor and finally be able to trust them. And every vendor isn’t the right fit for every client or event theme. Save yourself some time and take advantage of our trusted group of vendors included in our Black Book Partner list that you’ll have access to upon completion of the program. We highly value great customer service in how we deliver and with others we work with, and these partners are no exception. No more searching, we’ve got great vendors ready to work with you.

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5) Finding a mentor:

As you start out as an entrepreneur or in any new venture in life, having someone to help guide you along the way is invaluable. Having someone experienced that you can ask questions and provides you advice is you way to becoming a better event professional more quickly. Our team at Event Heroes wants aspiring event planners like you to succeed, so in addition to our other measures to set you up for success, we also have a weekly group coaching call to provide advice and feedback.

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As an entrepreneur that started it all on her own and built her business from scratch, Tracy Fuller-White knows the struggles it takes to become a successful event planner. She’s spent the countless hours researching, creating, making calls, forming connections, and problem-solving.

Bottom line… she’s been there and now she wants to help you jump start your career as seamlessly as possible by being there for you throughout your journey. Take advantage of her knowledge in our course that packages her tips and tricks and expertise into an easy-to-learn format so that you can learn what to do from the moment you get your first client call up until six months after the event.