There is a lot that goes into becoming an event professional, and for today’s event spotlight we want to focus on Tracy Fuller-White the founder and CEO of Event Heroes!

We talked with her about her start to her career, her inspiration and what she is doing now with her event planning business.

1. Tracy, first tell us how you got your start into the Event Planning world?

Through tragedy comes perseverance and figuring out how to recover from loss sent me to create something bigger than me and somewhere I could put grief in the background. So I started a little company called Happy Occasions. This was the start of a much bigger company that came along a few years later when I started working with event producers, lighting directors and learning about the production world and how to work with Corporate America.

2. Did you have any training in Event Planning before starting your own company, InnovativEvents, Inc.?

Training wasn’t really available for events at that time. We were at the beginning of what is now a great industry with lots of opportunity for training and education. In fact in the last few years, many colleges have started degree programs for events and event planning.

3. Why did you start Event Heroes?

I started Event Heroes after several people came to me asking to ‘pick my brain’ on how to get started in the business. Not only was it the décor business and event planning business, but even musicians were asking how to get started in business. I create Event Heroes to help others get into this business I have loved and still enjoy working in.

4. How did you scale your business to grow it into a seven-figure operation?

This is tricky, good word of mouth has been my blessing. I network in the community a lot and have become members of several organizations and this has been a great way to build my business. Also, doing a great job for my clients creates year over year events. Having a client for as long as 20 years can help in your planning and keep your business going year after year.

5. What are some of the companies that have hired you, and where have some of those events taken place?

We’ve worked with all kinds of companies and many Fortune 500 companies. Companies such as Google, Allstate Insurance, Meredith Corporation and many others. These events have taken us all over the US and occasionally overseas.

6. What is one important lesson you have learned from your event experience?

Treat everyone with respect. Getting to know and respect everyone you come in contact with is the best way to ensure you can pull a rabbit out of your hat when you need to. Need a ladder? Better be nice to the person that can get that for you! Need the trash emptied? Well, that person is as important as your client to you at that moment but if you are rude, they won’t help you out. So be nice!

7. What do you think people can learn from using the resources at Event Heroes?

At Event Heroes, we want to cut down the learning curve of doing WOW events. We want to help make sure our Event Heroes have access to the best providers in the industry so they look like the hero to their clients and can build a business where their clients come back year after year. We want to help Event Heroes be the Hero for their clients.Tracy Fuller-White is a great example of how hard work and a good attitude can make you a top event professional!

To learn more about her or Event Heroes, contact us here!