The Holidays are quickly approaching, which means events and gatherings of all kinds for you to either host or attend. One holiday in particular is New Year’s Eve, which is always accompanied by the year’s biggest parties. New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate the past year’s successes and new beginnings of the upcoming year.

As a host, you always want to put your best foot forward. Have fun brainstorming fun ideas, but most importantly make sure you are prepared for the task at hand. Whether you are hosting a celebration for friends and family or having a huge blowout party with celebrity performers, we have some ideas on how to create a thrilling New Year’s Eve party!

Whether you want to WOW! your guests with festive food, interactive games or a themed atmosphere, we came up with ideas to make your guests leave in awe:

Light Up the Night with an Interactive Activity

Instead of fireworks, surprise your guests with Chinese lanterns! This subtle, yet beautiful custom is a great interactive entertainment option. Guests will enjoy being this hands on activity where they can write their wishes for the year on the lantern and watch them float into the sky. Make sure that this activity is legal in your state, as several have acted to ban it.

Use a Bubbly Twist on Decor

Champagne is a MUST for NYE parties. Since you’ll already have bought champagne for the party, use empty or full bottles for decorations as well. Add glitter and decorate them for centerpieces or place them around the room! Pinterest has some great ideas on how to repurpose the bottles.Have Bite-sized SweetsAs midnight nears, guests will likely be standing and walking around more than before as the party comes into full swing. For dessert, try festive Cake Pops! These are easy to grab and are hard to resist.

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Another great option for a late-night snack is personal popcorn boxes. Make this easy and loveable snack pop at your party by placing them in a printable box, perfect for sponsorship at large parties or a personal message for more intimate gatherings.

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Theme It Up

For those looking for a unique NYE party theme consider a ‘Black and White Ball’ or a ‘One Last Hurrah’. Check out the details here! Other popular options include prohibition parties, masquerade mystique, or even black light. Just be sure that your theme aligns with interests of the guests you are inviting.

Share the Year’s Highlights

NYE is also about reflecting on the past year. For smaller parties, have guests write their favorite memory of the year on fun colored paper and place them in a mason jar. Read these aloud to relive great memories. For large parties, have guests tweet or share a post on Instagram and portray them on a screen inside. Guests will love to see themselves on a big screen!

Make it Memorable with Photo Opportunities

At any fabulous party people are going to want pictures. Who doesn’t love capturing a memory of when they are dressed to the nines or having a blast with friends? Set up a photo booth or create a space with a festive backdrop. Encourage guests to strike a pose by having fun props to pose with. Include props with the upcoming and past year, fancy glasses (stars, sparkles, & funky spectacles), mustaches & lips, and printed phrases like the one below!

 Photo Source: Uncommon Designs Online

These are just a few ideas to get your NYE party started! Anything with glitter, champagne and finger foods are always a hit, but try to think outside of the box for your party this year! What unique twist are you planning on using or have you seen in the past? We’d love to hear!

When theming gets personal

As an event pro, it’s always hard to plan your own event, or it is for me. Knowing all of the possibilities for planning and with tons of great ideas racing through my mind, it is hard to choose just one idea to stick with.

Over the holidays, my family had the opportunity to plan my daughter’s gender reveal party. Of course we were all excited to learn the gender of this “coming soon” attraction, but I’m not sure anyone’s excitement level could match mine; this is my first grand baby after all!

We started with one of the items my daughter loves to collect – owls –  and the nursery theme she and her husband have chosen. The theme for this event happened to be enchanted forest.

Our event happened on Christmas Eve; a busy time of year, but the only time we could get all of her friends in the same place for any amount of time. Instead of making this a “party” we went with an afternoon event and offered a little beer and wine, fun finger foods, and amazing owl-shaped cookies in pink and blue!

 Owl-shaped cookies by You Bake Me Happy

When guests arrived, the first thing they did was choose either a pink or blue owl based on their best guess at the gender of the baby. They were also instructed to write a note for the parents or baby and hang it on the Christmas tree.

I created a display using cute little owls printed and cut out, then attached to a small limb from one of our trees outside. I hung the limb on the wall and placed the little pink and blue owls all along the limb. I added some small birds and LED battery operated star lights to add a bit of twinkle.

I’ve never been a traditionalist when it came to Christmas décor for trees and this year was no different. However, it was also our first year ever for an artificial tree and I went with white. It seemed fitting for a tree decorated with baby gear.  Pacifiers, socks, bibs and stuffed toys were used as ornaments and small woodland animals placed around the base of the tree and hanging throughout the tree made sure our theme was complete.

Our food selections included rolls folded as diapers, mini cocktail wieners with little diapers, cucumber sandwiches and other fun bite-sized treats. I was able to find both pink and blue sodas and added those for beverages. Pink and blue punch served out of baby bottles would have been cute as well.

 Bite-sized treats

 Photo by Daniel Sandoval

How often do you write out your goals? Daily? Monthly? Not at all? It is time you assessed this practice and take it to the next level!


Setting goals for yourself is a great form of motivation, inspiration, and an overall reminder to keep you on track. Having your goals written down can help you assess your daily productivity and whether or not your time spent doing different activities will help lead you to that end goal or achievement.

Having different levels of goals can also be a great practice. Where do you see yourself in ten years, five years, a year from now, or even next month? If you are really proactive about setting goals and motivated enough to write out weekly or daily goals, do it!

What better time of the year to create your very own vision board than during the time you are planning out your New Year’s resolutions. Tie the two together and you’ve got yourself the perfect holiday project. Read below to see how to make your very own vision board today!


 Photo by David Marcu

Don’t hold yourself back when setting your life goals, whether it is in your relationship, job, or personal life. Negative thoughts and images of ourselves are the biggest road block in our road to success. Let the imagination you had in your childhood take over and you’ll be surprised at what barriers that you previously though impossible to cross now fade away.


If you’ve ever committed to throwing a themed party or often create theme parties as part of your job, you know that you can spend hours upon hours of time searching for the right décor elements, entertainment, food, and other intimate details to make the party a hit.

What if we told you that you could save yourself 30+ hours during the planning process by using just one DIY theme package created by Event Heroes?

What is a DIY Theme Package?

A DIY Theme Package by Event Heroes is a fully detailed instructional packet that allows you to pull off a high-quality event that WOWs your guests, attendees, and clients.

We’ve included how to engage your attendees from the moment they hear about the party (invites) until the end of the night (entertainment) and everything in between. See full details of what’s included here.

How will a DIY Theme Package improve my meetings, parties, and events?

Themes are an important element of any event. They help unify your message, create excitement before and during the event, and leave an impression on guests for months or years to come when done right. Check out our five favorite themes.

DIY Theme Packages make sure you don’t overlook any detail and that you stay consistent throughout your planning. The included instructions will walk you through what to set up where, what atmosphere to create including what guests will see, hear, and experience, and exactly what you’ll need to pull this off.

The supply list included in the package aligns perfectly with the instructions page to avoid any confusion. Details found in the instructions pages are listed in the supply list along with where to find each item, how much value it brings to the overall event, and a rough estimate of the cost for each item expressed in dollar signs.

Impact (star rating) and pricing estimates ($-$$$$) for each item will help you determine how to get the most bang for your buck and still pull off an event that WOWs and stays within your client’s budget!

The proposal included is available for you to present to your client or planning team. A theme proposal helps bring your vision to life and can inspire unexpected creativity as you put yourself in the shoes of those attending the party, event or meeting.

The proposal included is available for you to present to your client or planning team. A theme proposal helps bring your vision to life and can inspire unexpected creativity as you put yourself in the shoes of those attending the party, event or meeting.

So what are you waiting for? We’ve done all of the hard work for you!  All you have to do is take advantage of our of our DIY Theme Packages TODAY.

Snow has started to fly and the cold weather has arrived, that means it’s time for holiday decorating and company parties or as I like to think of it “Party time!”

We get a little excited this time of year when we can combine our event planning skills with our artistic abilities. It’s always fun to bring on our hot glue and glitter skills and put together some great table decorations for this year’s crop of holiday parties.

This year our primary holiday themes are all silver and white. For the perfect accent piece, we are creating holiday wreaths using all silver holiday bulbs of various sizes and textures.

Gather the following items:

  • Styrofoam wreath – I prefer 11.8” but you can use whatever size you prefer
  • Holiday ornaments of different sizes and textures
    • 2.625” or 6.7 cm
    • 1.50” or 3.86 cm
    • 1.12” or 2.80cm
  • Cool glue gun and lots of glue sticks
  • Wire (I just use the glue but it might help if you have some wire)
  • Wire cutters
  • Beaded garland
  • Any other accent pieces (ribbon, snowflakes, etc.)

Getting Started:

Now find a comfortable work space, pour yourself your favorite warm drink, and if you’re feeling festive put on some holiday tunes.

Once I have all of my items gathered, I start by gluing the larger ornaments first. Place these around the outside, gluing them next to each other. Be sure to hold the ornament in place for approximately five seconds until the glue holds on its own. There will be some gaps, but don’t worry your next layer will fill them in.