Event sponsors go out of their way to provide financial assistance so that you can achieve your event goals. A successful event can hinge on the amount of sponsors and assistance they provide. Because of the important role that they play, it is vital to make sure that they get proper recognition and that you show your appreciation. Follow the five tips below to ensure that event sponsors feel valued when participating in your event:

1)    Add sponsors’ names to ALL the event’s media announcements
Nothing shows appreciation and adds value to your sponsor like putting their name on all the elements of the show. Add their name and logo to all of the following:

a)    Social media sources – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the mobile apps as well
b)    All press releases
c)    All printed material


2)    Present them as Experts
If you do a speed networking event, have each sponsor present or host a table highlighting their expertise so attendees can ask questions. This gives them credibility and puts them in the position to sell to your attendees without being “salesy”.

No one wants to be “salesy” and your attendees don’t want to be sold to. This practice is the best way to give your attendees information they are interested in and to allow your sponsors one-on-one time with attendees that are interested in what they offer.

3)    Feature sponsors as speakers for breakout sessions
Have your sponsors speak on their expertise and be the featured speaker for a breakout session. This is a great way to fill your program with speakers that will speak for free.

This method also sets your sponsors up for success. A well delivered presentation will automatically make them the expert in the field and people will approach them for more information following their speech.

4)    Highlight sponsor logos and names 
Use the walk in and out of your general session as time to flash sponsors’ names on screen – this builds sponsor loyalty. They are your audience and funders for your show; show them the LOVE!

The screens in your general, opening, and closing sessions should be used to the fullest. There will be approximately 30 minutes before the event that guests will be entering the room and getting situated.

Use the visual space to thank sponsors, do light housekeeping, remind attendees of special events or breakout meetings but really use that time for sponsorships. If your sponsors have commercials or YouTube movies, you could play those as well.