Event planners are a unique breed, and when you are in the event planning world you have to think about certain things from a different perspective. An event planner usually has a team behind her/him at some point and they may be brilliant in their own field, but not when it comes to events. Help those around you recognize how you think!

Details are crucial and thinking of solutions to help solve potential problems at your event can only help you. As the planner you need to make sure everyone else around you is up-to-date; whether that is your co-workers, vendors or client. Communicating what is coming up and what needs to be accomplished should be a top priority. While the event planner knows everything that needs to happen, others may not be briefed on what to do if something unexpected comes up. Be quick to catch them up and what the best solution is if something were to happen.

What it boils down to is communication. As an event planner and individual you may have your own lingo, but it doesn’t mean anything if those around you can’t understand. If you need something done, take the time to explain it to the person clearly so that way they can accomplish it perfectly the first time. Make sure they understand your message 100%. As the event planner you are in charge, but you can only complete so many tasks at once. Loosen the reigns and let those working for you do what they were hired for and your event will run smoothly!

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