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The Art of You”: An art themed event

About this time last year, our sister event company InnovativEvents was tasked with creating an event titled “The Art of You”. This event was themed with an artist’s flair and intended to capture what the company does – it was for a cosmetic surgery business. This was a fun event that inspired creativity and imagination. […]

Working from home: 10 tips for success

How you can successfully e-commute I enjoy working from home. E-commuting out of my home has allowed me the flexibility to do a lot of things not otherwise possible if I were working a 9-5 job. My favorite things about working from home include: shopping in the early afternoon when there aren’t any crowds, working […]

The importance and methods of making a vision board

 Photo by Daniel Sandoval How often do you write out your goals? Daily? Monthly? Not at all? It is time you assessed this practice and take it to the next level! WRITE IT OUT Setting goals for yourself is a great form of motivation, inspiration, and an overall reminder to keep you on track. Having […]