Recent trends in Audio Visual for meetings and events

With the technology boom that has occurred over the past couple of decades and continues to impress each year, it is important to stay up to date with the newest technologies and trends in audio/visual for your events.

A/V trends:

1. Out with PowerPoint, in with Gesture Media

What if you could command the screen with your hand gestures instead of using a mouse or slide advance? How much more control and how much more exciting could you make your presentations? Hand gesturing is used in the tech world, why not on stage for your presentations? If you choose to use this up-and-coming A/V trend, make sure you do some rehearsals with the equipment before show time.

2. Projection mapping

Projection mapping or video-mapping technologies allows you to project images on any multi-dimensional shape or form. Any object can become a display, leading to visual effects that make events memorable.

See it for yourself!

Building Projection Mapping in Abu Dhabi

Dallas, Texas Joulle Hotel 3D Mapping

We love this highly content driven video and look forward to using it wherever we can. You need to be aware of time frames for building out the content side and the very technical projection side of this amazing format. Allow time for the techs to have the room to make sure everything is working just as it should.

3. Multi-image display presentation software

Plasma Screens and Video walls allow A/V techs to create amazing graphics for your show. Fly in words and photos to make your information really stand out. Screen sizes are changing from the typical standard sizes to super sizes; some screens are running 20 foot tall by 40-60 and even 80 foot wide. This lays the foundation for an incredible presentation and can also replace your stage set.

4. LED lighting

Your A/V team can integrate LED lighting with video systems, allowing them to color-match LED lighting to suit screen content and themes, further branding the meeting and the experience.

LED lighting is much more energy efficient and “Green” for your meetings. LED lighting is also available using batteries for when cords are not ideal and takes a lot less power for those rooms that are older and don’t have the power grid you need for a lot of equipment. We love the under table lighting, battery operated pin and flood lighting to highlight things like a cake or a centerpiece and even lighting that installs using magnets!

5. Touch-screen technology